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Amstel Financial Services Philippines

Amstel Financial Services Philippines

Founded in 1989, The Group comprises two core businesses, its Interdealer Brokerage business and its Agency business.

With a total staff of 130 across six primary offices in Singapore, Jakarta, Manila, Bangkok, London and Amsterdam, Amstel is headquartered in Singapore, privately owned and managed by its Asian Board.

In an era of mega global brokerage firms, macro politics often dilutes regional client service. The Group operates as a specialist broker laser focused on Fixed Income, FX, Money Market Products, Equity and Private Debt. Amstel’s positon as a market leader in the SE Asia financial markets continues to strengthen through its extensive onshore and offshore client base.

Amstel is the largest and longest serving privately owned specialist brokerage in the region. The ASEAN growth story will continue well through the next decade with the Asian Development Bank predicting the middle class in SE Asia will rise from 24% in 2010 to over 65% by 2030. The number of Asia bond issuers has almost doubled in the 5 years to 2015 and the rise of Private Debt as an asset class ensures Amstel is perfectly positioned to service its clients.

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30 October 2015


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