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Banco De Oro (BDO) Private Bank

Banco De Oro (BDO) Private Bank

In August of 2003, Banco de Oro Universal Bank acquired the local banking unit of Banco Santander with its commercial, trust and derivatives licenses to become BDO Private Bank.

Our goal is to create market share in the Private Banking/Modern Affluent Market segment by penetrating key areas in BDO's network. This is to complement and explore how the BDO Group can service all the financial and investment needs of the client.

Each relationship BDO Private Bank enters into is unique. The investment plan we will craft for you will be based on your particular investment requirements, medium & long term objectives, aspirations, passions, even your aversions. The life goals you have defined that includes the ones who will benefit from your life's work - your family.

Our engagement with you may be as simple as just consolidating your financial and non-financial assets, creating savings for education, retirement and pension, or it can be as extensive as managing your estate affairs in an efficient manner.

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30 October 2015


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